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Keep Your Business Clean During COVID-19

Never before has keeping everything in our surroundings clean been such a high priority. Our way of life has been changed in many ways by the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. For a lot of people, this new emphasis on health and safety is a major adjustment. Commercial Cleaning Services of Idaho Falls is here to help you maintain a clean business and keep your employees and customers as safe as possible during this time.

We have decades of experience in the commercial cleaning industry. We would love to put that knowledge to use for your business. Check out the janitorial services we offer and learn more about our maintenance program for a clean business. And in the meantime, here are some helpful tips about how you can keep your facility as safe as possible.

Clean And Disinfect

The first thing you’ll want to do when you begin to clean and disinfect is to put on a pair of disposable gloves. This is what you should be doing for surfaces that get touched a lot. We’re talking about places like tables, doorknobs, light switches, counters, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, etc. Then you can work on disinfecting.

It is recommended to use EPA-registered disinfectant and follow the manufacturer instructions on the label. For the majority of these products, you should keep the surface wet for a period of time, be wearing protective gloves and ensuring there is good ventilation while you use the disinfectant.

Bleach can also be an effective option. But before you go ahead with bleach remember to check the label to confirm it is intended to be used for disinfecting and that it hasn’t past its expiration date. When used properly, household bleach is effective against coronaviruses. These solutions should be left on the surface for at least a minute.

Want to make your own bleach solution? Try this: Mix five tablespoons of bleach per gallon of water. Or, four teaspoons of bleach per quart of water. In addition, you can use alcohol solutions that have at least 70 percent alcohol.

For Soft Surfaces

Different kinds of surfaces require different methods of cleaning and disinfecting. Here are some ways to deal with your soft surfaces (carpet, rugs, drapes, etc.) Start by cleaning the surface with soap and water or other cleaners that are intended for the surface in question. Next you should launder the items if that is possible. Do it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions while using the hottest water setting that is appropriate. Then completely dry the items. Another option is to disinfect these soft surfaces with an EPA-registered household disinfectant that meets the EPA’s criteria for use against COVID-19.

Tips For Electronics

We all know that we’re supposed to be washing our hands frequently. But something that isn’t getting mentioned as much is cleaning the things that are in our hands a lot — our electronic devices. If you were to wash your hands and then immediately pick up a filthy phone, it’s like you didn’t even wash in the first place. 

One thing you might be able to do for your phone, table, and other devices is putting on a wipeable cover. Otherwise, you should follow any manufacturer’s instructions about cleaning and disinfecting these items. With the current situation, most companies are releasing helpful tips for cleaning their specific devices. If you have no guidance from the manufacturer, you should be ok using alcohol-based wipes or spray that have 70 percent or more alcohol. Be sure you get them completely dry when you are done.

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If Someone Is Sick

It can be scary to know that someone has been sick in your office or facility. If this is the case, you may want to have a professional come in and make sure everything is as clean as possible. Or if you want to do the work yourself, there are some things that you’ll want to make sure happen.

  • Any areas that were used by the person who is sick need to be closed off as much as possible.
  • Increase the air circulation in that area by opening doors and windows. Wait at least 24 hours to perform the cleaning and disinfecting if you can.
  • Now you can clean and disinfect all of the areas that person has been in. Make sure to hit anything and everything that you can. After a week has passed, you can return to your normal cleaning and disinfecting routines.

Safe Cleaning

Follow these tips to help ensure that the person or people doing the cleaning are doing it safely.

  • In addition to wearing gloves, it may be necessary for additional personal protective equipment. This is especially necessary when chemicals are involved and there is the potential of it splashing. When finished, be sure that any gloves, gowns, etc are carefully disposed of.
  • This is a very important time to wash your hands properly — with soap and water and at least 20 seconds. Use hand sanitizer if you don’t have soap and water.

Help For Employees

There are some additional ways that you can support your employees during this time. Education is very important. Make sure they are aware of the things they should or shouldn’t do to protect themselves and others and to recognize the symptoms of COVID-19.

You should also provide clear instructions for them about what to do if they are sick or may have been exposed to someone who is sick. And develop company policies to protect and train employees in the future.

Commercial Cleaning Services

We know just how much work it is to clean and disinfect a business properly. Our professional janitorial staff members have been trained for COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection. Let us take care of the cleaning so you can focus your efforts on providing your customers with the best experience possible. Contact our scheduler today and let’s get a plan in place for you. Nobody in the Idaho Falls area is going to do a better job maintaining a quality professional appearance for your office facility.

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